I’ve been having a fabulous time the past few weeks at some incredible fetish parties from DC to Boston. Last night’s party in Manhattan was a blast and to have two submissives worshipping my boots while the third held my whips was to say the least, highly arousing. I also met up with our latest triad member, down from Boston and one who is thoroughly immersed in the fetish and bdsm culture. Not only did I have a line of slaves begging to serve but afterwards, had an incredibly beautiful woman to return to our hotel.

I’m also still more than mildly amused at the fact that my fun and enjoyment remain unabated. I guess the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. What do you think?

We’re involved in a new venture despite some of the challenges we faced with other triads. We’re not sure if this will have different results than before but based on our most recent experience we’re optimistic that this will be better than previous times. She’s intelligent, motivated and exceptionally attractive. And she’s anxious and excited to experience our level of kink. This has been a great weekend and lots more details to follow.

There apparently were other writings posted here that I was unaware. I had a submissive who was trusted at one time who was allowed to access this account to write things in an effort to build interest. I did not monitor those writings closely enough and did not realize that there may be other postings that offend others. I will go through each one and get rid of those that don’t reflect who I am.

Unbeknownst to me, a former submissive accessed my account and posted extremely hurtful and hateful things on my FetLife and WordPress accounts. This has lead to an outpouring of justifiable anger and I want to let people know that this was NOT me who posted this and I would never do something such as this.

I want to apologize to the offended parties and would also like to extend my sincerest apologies to others offended by this post. I will gladly take questions from folks and please understand that I did not post the things you saw on this account.

The Next Quest

So here we are, back in NYC for the next installment of our adventure. After having a thrilling 6 months last year, we consciously decided that engaging others was off our plate for a while. The challenge of distance and personalities and communication, along with a couple unexpected surprises, made us look inward and approach our pleasure with each other much differently.

We decided our physical desires would take precedence over a longer term relationship. If the long term works out we’ll gladly accept that. But if not, we’ll enjoy the hedonistic aspects safely and sanely. And so we begin a new relationship with a wonderful person in NYC and enjoying the day at an incredible spa!