We’ve decided to spend a few days in Florida as a triad and what a glorious time it is. Having a third person along only enhances the dynamic and obviously raises more than a few eyebrows. We went to Bern’s last night and I was told, correctly, that they have the third largest wine cellar in the world, over 500.000 bottles. Yes, that number is correct. It was so much fun walking in there, all holding hands and seeing the knowing and understanding smile of the maître d’ and wait staff. And a few disapproving glances from stuffy and stodgy patrons who don’t understand the concept of three people loving.

On our way back to DC today and then headed to NYC tomorrow to do a session with a submissive….

The Next Quest

So here we are, back in NYC for the next installment of our adventure. After having a thrilling 6 months last year, we consciously decided that engaging others was off our plate for a while. The challenge of distance and personalities and communication, along with a couple unexpected surprises, made us look inward and approach our pleasure with each other much differently.

We decided our physical desires would take precedence over a longer term relationship. If the long term works out we’ll gladly accept that. But if not, we’ll enjoy the hedonistic aspects safely and sanely. And so we begin a new relationship with a wonderful person in NYC and enjoying the day at an incredible spa!

One of my favorite role playing scenes is that of the Cuckolding wife for clients who are single or whose wives will not engage in the behavior. Here’s an article I found interesting.


My Favorite Financial Submissive 

I certainly don’t say enough about my top financial submissive. He’s a wonderful little puppet, dancing happily at the end of my string, giving me everything I want and need. A new Tory Burch purse, a weekly gift, trips to the bank, gift cards and a promise that his inheritance becomes mine. 

He’s so gloriously compliant with my demands and is truly a puppet, a pet, a little boy. His cock needs continual discipline and torture. I love the time he spends with me. He’s learning how to be a better submissive, more obedient and focused on my needs, demands and desires. I would not have this any other way and it will be a wonderful day when he’s able to provide for every need and I may cast aside the other submissives who become so fragile and demanding despite the fact that they are…


“g” lives for my happiness and pleasure. Every morning he greets me, throughout the day he checks up on me and if I say, “g”, I need money put in my account, he does it. He works all day for me, then comes home to work even more for me. 

True devotion and submission.  


I recently met a wonderful submissive in NYC named Bob. He was a sweet man with a certain joie de vivre than made you smile. His fetish was fur and over the years collected so much it truly bordered on obsession. 

He wasn’t overtly sexual but loved the feeling of fur being run across his skin and the pleasure it brought him. I think he also loved the fact that I never judged his life or loves and would always have a wonderful conversation afterwards. As a older gentlemen with decreasing mobility I would even walk up the street with him and his bags of furs, stopping at the coffee shop next to apartment. 

I didn’t know Bob well but do believe I left an indelible mark on his life and soul. I was more than the dominatrix that created his scenery but I was also the kind ear that would listen to him and never judge who he was. He loaned me fur from time to time, and I even wore one to Lincoln Center last year. It’s really my only connection to him now. 

Bob passed away. 

Some dominatrices completely separate their lives from their jobs and personas. I tend not to. I love the quirks and stories and passion and heartaches and joys that these people share with me. I can morph from strict bitch to caring therapist (no, I’m not a licensed therapist) in the same session.  I do invest emotional capital. 

I didn’t know Bob well and only played with him a few times but it was always a joy to see him on my trips to NYC, even if it was just to grab a cup of coffee and laugh. 

I miss Bob. I hope I brought him happiness. 

Too Long Since I’ve Written

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve put ideas and thoughts on my blog.  I’ll try to summarize everything that’s happened in the past several months in one post.

My top financial submissive continues to provide such wonderful weekly tributes but in addition to those, the amount of his tributes in between sessions is absolutely stunning.  His gifts, desire, work and motivation is absolutely the best among all my financial submissives.

I spent two fantastic weeks in Hawaii, the last part of April and it was so enjoyable and relaxing.  I’ve never felt so melancholy at the end of a trip as I did that one.  There was something so calming about living in Waikiki for two weeks.  I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years, spent time on the beaches of the North Shore and Kailu. The food was tremendous, the climate was fabulous and the people were kind and considerate.  Most days I spend 2-3 hours on the beach  surfing or paddle boarding and in the evenings I’d get dressed up and go to a wonderful restaurant in Waikiki. Or going to food trucks on the North Shore.

I’m headed to Florida in a week for two weeks of business  and pleasure.  The Fetish Factory 21 party is May 26-30 and I plan on living it up.  I’ll be in Orlando for almost a week and Tampa for another week.  Hopefully there’s at least one trip to the Woodshed in Orlando.

I’ve taken on some much more sadistic roles lately and enjoy them immensely.  A relatively new submissive, “D”, provides me a canvas by which I may indulge my sadistic fantasies and I’m finding them quite enjoyable.  I’m doing a 6 hour session with him on Tuesday and plan on turning him inside out. The depths of my sadism continue to grow and it’s a sexually arousing state.

I’ll be more diligent about updating my blog over the next few months.  There’s a lot going on and I plan on sharing every bit with you.

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything on my blog and I wanted to express how much I appreciate my best and most devoted submissive.

Financial domination is an aspect that most people either don’t understand or mischaracterize. Submissive “G” recently gave me full control over every financial aspect of his life. Before you jump to conclusions and think that all I do is drain him of money, let me clarify.

Yes, I do have control of his finances.  I also control many aspects of his life to include relationships and career. But that does not mean that I arbitrarily do things or take things from him in order to show my control.

Rather, I look at his life, desires, relationships and finances and help guide him in a manner that will make him happy and successful. Yes, he does provide me a weekly stipend and many gifts along the way. But I do not allow this to get out of control. 

Submissive “G” is debt-free, saving for retirement, and working hard to excel in a field that he truly loves. In exchange, I provide him with the guidance and care that he needs and wants.

I communicated my desires to submissive “G” and we arrived at a mutually agreed upon plan of action. My goal with him is to provide  structure, guidance, and meaning to his life.
In return, I could not have asked for a more devoted and hard-working submissive. He is industrious, quickwitted, loving, kind and generous. I appreciate that immensely and believe that he deserves my loyalty in return.

Recently, “G” gave me several small but extremely thoughtful gifts.  What I found so wonderful about these gifts were not their value but the fact that he paid attention to what I enjoy and what I love doing and bought me something that made my life so much better and more convenient.

I realize that there are two types of submissive’s in this world. The first type are the ones that want a session, feel the sensations that I provide them, finish and go on their way.  In a month, I’ll hear from them for another session. Please don’t think that I’m ungrateful for these submissives. I’ve made wonderful friends with many of them and do truly enjoy their service, worship and devotion. But that service, worship and devotion begin and end with the beginning and ending of a session. Submissive “G” gives me that service, worship and devotion 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I am truly grateful and honored by the fact that submissive “G” is such an important part of my life.

Mistress Ana