The Next Quest

So here we are, back in NYC for the next installment of our adventure. After having a thrilling 6 months last year, we consciously decided that engaging others was off our plate for a while. The challenge of distance and personalities and communication, along with a couple unexpected surprises, made us look inward and approach our pleasure with each other much differently.

We decided our physical desires would take precedence over a longer term relationship. If the long term works out we’ll gladly accept that. But if not, we’ll enjoy the hedonistic aspects safely and sanely. And so we begin a new relationship with a wonderful person in NYC and enjoying the day at an incredible spa!

One of my favorite role playing scenes is that of the Cuckolding wife for clients who are single or whose wives will not engage in the behavior. Here’s an article I found interesting.

Too Long Since I’ve Written

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve put ideas and thoughts on my blog.  I’ll try to summarize everything that’s happened in the past several months in one post.

My top financial submissive continues to provide such wonderful weekly tributes but in addition to those, the amount of his tributes in between sessions is absolutely stunning.  His gifts, desire, work and motivation is absolutely the best among all my financial submissives.

I spent two fantastic weeks in Hawaii, the last part of April and it was so enjoyable and relaxing.  I’ve never felt so melancholy at the end of a trip as I did that one.  There was something so calming about living in Waikiki for two weeks.  I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years, spent time on the beaches of the North Shore and Kailu. The food was tremendous, the climate was fabulous and the people were kind and considerate.  Most days I spend 2-3 hours on the beach  surfing or paddle boarding and in the evenings I’d get dressed up and go to a wonderful restaurant in Waikiki. Or going to food trucks on the North Shore.

I’m headed to Florida in a week for two weeks of business  and pleasure.  The Fetish Factory 21 party is May 26-30 and I plan on living it up.  I’ll be in Orlando for almost a week and Tampa for another week.  Hopefully there’s at least one trip to the Woodshed in Orlando.

I’ve taken on some much more sadistic roles lately and enjoy them immensely.  A relatively new submissive, “D”, provides me a canvas by which I may indulge my sadistic fantasies and I’m finding them quite enjoyable.  I’m doing a 6 hour session with him on Tuesday and plan on turning him inside out. The depths of my sadism continue to grow and it’s a sexually arousing state.

I’ll be more diligent about updating my blog over the next few months.  There’s a lot going on and I plan on sharing every bit with you.

Our Most Recent Trip to Manhattan…

The quality of submissives, slaves and cuckolds in Manhattan are unlike any other place.  Maybe it’s because of the sheer volume of people, which is quite likely a factor, but there’s also an openness about sexuality, fetishes and alternative lifestyles that you don’t see in other cities.

We met two new cuckolds, generous and quite submissive.  There’s nothing quite like getting a pathetic submissive so worked up and then denying him the pleasure he so craves.

Cuck #2, as we’ll call him for this writing, showed with flowers and a small gift.  Meeting at the bar, he presented his offering and asked permission to sit, which was granted in a very dismissive manner.  The bartender immediately noticed, as did the two patrons sitting just off to the corner.  Once allowed to sit, he was told to order a cranberry & vodka, no lime, which he did, all the while, playing the part magnificently.  His existence was a mere inconvenience because the Bull sitting across the room was the target of desire.

This was a man who could satisfy and as the evening progressed, they started to talk and became increasingly less concerned with the cuck and more intent on satisfying their hedonistic pleasures at the expense of this useless cuckold.

Upon arriving in the hotel room, the cuck was ordered to fluff the Bull, humiliating even further.  The Queen slowly raised the zipper that went from the hem of her skirt to the waist, exposing a panty-less ass.  The Queen’s heels, a finely crafted pair of Louboutin shoes, shined to perfection and a true indicator of the Queen’s sophistication.  As the cuck fluffed the Bull, she watched approvingly.  As she cinched the harness to her waist and thighs, she became aroused, reached over, grabbed the Bull by the back of the head and kissed him passionately, intentionally stepping on the cuck’s chest.

The cuck was ordered to get off the floor and bend over the bed.  The “do not disturb” sign was intentionally left off the door with the knowledge that the staff would pay an afternoon visit to make sure the room was clean.  This frightened and excited him both.  Once he was on the bed, the Queen positioned herself on all fours, with her pussy just inches from his face.  The Bull mounted her from behind, rhythmically and slowly pounding her and gradually pounding harder and harder until her ponytail swung from side to side and the cuck’s excitement grew to the point of orgasm.  She grabbed his throat with her gloved hand and squeezed, cutting off the air.

“You don’t breathe until he cums, so hope it happens soon”, she snarled at him, her fingers tightening.  Now, the Bull was pounding rapidly and more intensely and she could feel the beginning of her first orgasm.  Sessions like this typically brought on multiple and ever increasing orgasms, sometimes ten or more.  She exploded and immediately began to feel the next and the next and the next.  Now the cucks face was red because of the lack of oxygen and she gripped even harder and she felt the Bull’s cock starting to throb and the frequency of his thrusts slowing, indicating he was close to a massive explosion inside of her.  Within a minute, she felt that explosion and gripped the cuck’s neck even tighter telling him, “now you’re going to taste him” letting the cum drip from her pussy and onto his face.

And then he was ordered to leave.  “Maybe I’ll come home tonight, but not likely.  I’d rather spend it with a real man”.

This past week we met a new “cuckold” who wanted to experience the thrill of humiliation and service to a dominant woman and her Bull.

We’ve been looking for a wonderfully consistent cuckold client that we could grow with and explore. This may hopefully be that person.

He asked if we could begin the session at an upscale bar with a set time to meet but he would be “characteristically late” and wanted to receive the wrath of a “wife” who is sick and tired of his inability to be on time and fulfill my needs.  He showed up disheveled and distracted, finding me waiting at the bar dressed in tight leather pants, a pair of Christian Louboutin boots and hair pulled back in a strict looking pony tail.  Irate, he begged my forgiveness for being tardy and I proceeded to berate him in front of the waiter.  As the waiter stood there uncomfortably, I said, “There’s little you do to satisfy me and now you keep me waiting.  Maybe I should keep you waiting…for the next time we have sex”.  The look on the waiter’s face was absolutely priceless.

I saw an obviously successful man across the room, certainly one who could satisfy me far better than the pathetic wretch merely sitting there in my existence.  We flirted and obviously connected with one another.  I truly enjoyed humiliating this man in front of others and it was quite obvious that he was aroused at the thought of being forced to watch me being fucked by a man with a much larger cock than his.

There’s certainly more to follow on this..

-The Black Widow

There is always an apprehension about taking on a submissive who has unrealistic or unreasonable expectations.  You have to not only reset those expectations but make sure that the trust bestowed upon you, as a Dom/me, is never compromised.

There are some submissives that believe full control of their lives and livelihoods is an exciting and liberating.  But it is, in reality, unhealthy.  Over the past year, I have worked with a submissive that wanted to open his entire life to me and have me control it.  While this may seem like a Dom/mes dream, it’s really not.  You must be honest and ethical about what you will do to and for that submissive and breaking that trust may put that submissive in a position where not only will he never trust again but he will never develop as the submissive he or she wishes to be.

A Dom/me has a tremendous responsibility as a person because you can manipulate and distort a person’s emotions and tendencies in ways that aren’t healthy.  It is incumbent on you to notice when a submissive’s desires cross from healthy indulgence into unreasonable or dangerous behavior.  Taking advantage of this is never in the best interest of the Dom/me…or the submissive.

I will admit that I love dominating men.  It’s fun, it’s empowering and it’s arousing, both physically and mentally.  But that said, I love dominating with my husband and nothing thrills me more than watching a male submissive submit to him.  We feed off each other, almost like tag team wrestlers, and at the end of a session feel even closer to each other than when we started.  There are also times where I feel like I could just sit down in a chair with a bag of popcorn and watch the show like going to a movie.  It’s that good.

There is a true sense of power derived from this relationship.  I love knowing that the man I serve is the man that everyone else serves.  I like knowing I’m Queen of the hill, owned by the man at the top.  It makes me feel even more powerful and seductive.  I love knowing that the Master I seduce and entice is the one that every one else wants.  That’s and enormous turn on to me and it has given me such confidence in who I am and the ability I have as a dominatrix.

It may sound narcissistic but I love the way people look at me when then know I belong to him but in order to get to me, they go through him and that no man will see me unless they agree to serve him also.

This is the dynamic I never knew I wanted until it started happening about a year ago as we delved into cuckolding scenes.  What we found was that more and more submissive men, those who claimed they would only serve a female, really wanted to know what it was like to be me.  They wanted to know what it was like to be the one on their knees in front of the man who made the Domme.