It’s been too long since I’ve put something in writing about my personal relationships and I think I may wait a little while before I do so. I’d like to determine the trajectory of some of my relationships before I finally put their resolution in writing.

Professionally, however, my clientele continues to grow and that expansion brings with it a wonderful new set of personalities and stories. My latest client is “H”, an older and incredibly articulate submissive who suffers from erectile dysfunction. He paid for a 30 minute video session but I gave more time because he was so inquisitive and interesting. I love when a submissive takes a genuine interest in me because I always have a genuine interest in them. “H” was curious about my orgasms, about what pleased me, about what I felt when having sex. He reminded me of a doctor with a fabulous bedside manner who would take the time to ask about your symptoms in order to better diagnose the problem. “H” and I talked for 45 minutes and yes, he wanted to get off so there absolutely was an ulterior motive, but his interest was genuine and the admiration of his Goddess quite real. 

I got to the end of the session, left him with a little extra something to imagine and fantasize over and went on my way. I do so hope to see him again!!

Orgasms. Times Three. 

I’m writing a very brief update to our blog. 

We’re getting custom made vampire fangs made for a party the end of this month. But last night was the coup de grace of sexual pleasure. 

After a wonderful evening at Radio City, we did dinner then back to her place for an evening of sex. As she rode his cock from on top, I straddled his mouth, taking every bit of sexual pleasure I could. As I leaned back into her, she cupped my breasts and kissed my neck. I then heard a deep, guttural growl as he began to explode inside her, causing her to reach orgasm and then causing me to reach climax 

I’ll write more later…



Too Long Since I’ve Written

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve put ideas and thoughts on my blog.  I’ll try to summarize everything that’s happened in the past several months in one post.

My top financial submissive continues to provide such wonderful weekly tributes but in addition to those, the amount of his tributes in between sessions is absolutely stunning.  His gifts, desire, work and motivation is absolutely the best among all my financial submissives.

I spent two fantastic weeks in Hawaii, the last part of April and it was so enjoyable and relaxing.  I’ve never felt so melancholy at the end of a trip as I did that one.  There was something so calming about living in Waikiki for two weeks.  I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years, spent time on the beaches of the North Shore and Kailu. The food was tremendous, the climate was fabulous and the people were kind and considerate.  Most days I spend 2-3 hours on the beach  surfing or paddle boarding and in the evenings I’d get dressed up and go to a wonderful restaurant in Waikiki. Or going to food trucks on the North Shore.

I’m headed to Florida in a week for two weeks of business  and pleasure.  The Fetish Factory 21 party is May 26-30 and I plan on living it up.  I’ll be in Orlando for almost a week and Tampa for another week.  Hopefully there’s at least one trip to the Woodshed in Orlando.

I’ve taken on some much more sadistic roles lately and enjoy them immensely.  A relatively new submissive, “D”, provides me a canvas by which I may indulge my sadistic fantasies and I’m finding them quite enjoyable.  I’m doing a 6 hour session with him on Tuesday and plan on turning him inside out. The depths of my sadism continue to grow and it’s a sexually arousing state.

I’ll be more diligent about updating my blog over the next few months.  There’s a lot going on and I plan on sharing every bit with you.

I have many submissives, some are experienced and know exactly what they love, others need guidance and direction.  My favorite submissive and most dependable is submissive “G”.  He has come such a long way in a matter of months and I think his relationship with his Domme is exactly what he needs.  Here is his latest entry into FetLife.


I entered chastity for Mommy this week. Right now I have spent a full day locked up and am loving it! Its something so physical and constant that reminds me of Mommy, and how my life is controlled by her.

In our last session I was able to talk through a lot of issues I’ve been having recently. I’ve been transitioning into a new job, and although it’s a great fit and wonderful opportunity, but it was causing me a lot of anxiety. Mommy helped me work through my self-doubt, and told me things I needed to hear. I know Mommy cares about me, and embracing my life as a sub makes me so much happier. I want to focus only on Mommy, on earning more for her, becoming more productive and successful in every facet of life. Mommy has wonderful plans for me, things I am sure I would never accomplish without her guidance.


-The Black Widow

Tributes From Past Sessions

It’s always interesting to dig back into the archives and desk drawers to find remnants and reminders of some of the first sessions I conducted.   Some of these submissives have long since disappeared with no further trace and pulling out these old notes brings on a bit of melancholy because I do truly wonder what happened to them and what their lives have become.  Several of them were sent on their way because they started to become too familiar and demanding, trying to top from the bottom and not understanding or respecting the protocol that comes with a Domme/submissive relationship.

Here are some of the notes that I found.  Enjoy them for what they are, tributes of their class and respect for their position.

From the mind of The Black Widow

I recently received an inquiry from a delightful man who was interested in latex and foot fetish sessions.  As with all submissives, I was somewhat cautious about what he wanted and the validity of his existence.  But as we conversed, I became confident that he was actually real and serious about serving.

Once he indicated interest in booking a session, I had him send the requisite tribute and we began planning.  Unfortunately, I was coming off a sinus infection and he was starting to get one, which delayed meeting.  All of a sudden, though, he went quiet on me and it become increasingly difficult to get in touch with him.  Finally a response, but then several days before I’d hear again and I developed the suspicion that he was having second thoughts.

At this point, he’d sent the tribute and I do not like taking tributes without providing the session in kind.  There may be some dommes out there that have no issue with that, but I do.

Eventually, I arrived at the crux of the issue.  He was married, legally separated and conflicted about his marriage vows, legal status and seeing a professional dominatrix.

I also realize that with many people, any form of domination that leads to sexual arousal is borderline infidelity.  I respect his moral position and would not do anything to compromise that but at the same time, my time and effort are worth money and I do not issue refunds.  It’s not proper policy.  I would love to give this man the session he desires without the guilt of believing that serving a dominant woman without any form of sexual contact was a form of infidelity.

As with many submissives, there are internal conflicts that extend from morality and ethics to sexual gratification and hedonistic pleasure.

We have agreed to meet, with my husband in attendance, as a small group of like minded people just going out for a drink or dinner.  No domination, submission or any form of play will occur.  And hopefully, when his divorce is final, he’ll be ready for the session his heart so desires.

-The Black Widow