One of my favorite role playing scenes is that of the Cuckolding wife for clients who are single or whose wives will not engage in the behavior. Here’s an article I found interesting.

My posts have been sporadic at best these past few months. I’ve had numerous changes in my life which led me to ignore other parts of my life. These changes weren’t bad but took much of my time to the point where posting on WordPress was secondary.

But now it’s time to once again reveal the sexual passions that I have and reveal all the things I’m once again doing. BDSM is still a vital part of my life as are the sessions I have with my small but valuable group of clients who take such good care of me. I still have a passion for fine fashion and Louboutin shoes and boots. Here’s the most recent pair a slave purchased for Me. In the next few days I’ll be in NYC taking pictures and conducting a few sessions with clients. Stay tuned! Life is starting again!

For several years I had a wonderful submissive named Greg who provided me with wonderful service, laughs and companionship. Mysteriously, he disappeared one day never to contact me again. 

“K” is a submissive I’ve known for a while but only with occasional contact. Over the past few months he replaced Greg and while he is geographically separated from me, he is truly the best submissive I’ve ever owned. He is loyal and faithful, dependable and generous with his time which I truly appreciate. He will reap the benefits of his service to me in a way others could only hope. 

It’s been a number of months since my last post but it’s time to plunge headlong into this once again and resume chronicling our life. 

After a number of months of a very vibrant and exciting triad relationship, it all came to an abrupt end at the beginning of 2017. There is no denying that the triad was fun and interesting and stimulating. But communication was difficult, trust was challenging and ultimately what we decided, as a couple, was that the two of us were greater than 1+1+1. We do miss the frequent trips to Manhattan, perusing art galleries or trying new restaurants.  Even the Sunday night ritual of watching West World won’t quite be the same.  

Soon after our extended triad ended we made one final attempt to explore that concept with no success. It was at that point we were enveloped in some familial challenges that truly tested our relationship.  It meant the waning of sexual appetite and drive, the stress of not only reduced physical interaction but also the health and well being of those around us.  As we navigated through that metaphorical abyss, we also came to understand our own beings better and worked on the communication between us. Kink was, is and will always be a part of who we are as a couple but we also realized that more importantly, the touch of a hand, the feel of breath next to skin, the comfort of strong arms and gentle hands around each other was the comfort and solace we needed navigating through difficult times.  It wasn’t about being tied up or spanked or wearing outfits for each other. It was the simplicity of our own interaction. There was also the introduction of a new family member into our midst who has changed our lives in joyful ways that can never be properly articulated. 

Yes, I know what you must be thinking. A dominant woman or couple should be walking around with a Doberman or Rottweiler.  But the fact is, the joy of a you puppy, so dependent on your kindness and willing to love in the most unconditional sense is what we need. It added an element to our lives that was lacking. It made us realize that the people in our lives, past and present, are wonderfully flawed people, as we are too. We still love them, may never see some of them again, but will always have faith that they will live happy and rewarding lives.  

So. We’re back. Moving past the challenges of the past, ecstatic at the times we did have and reengaging and repurposing our lives for one another. And who knows, along the way, maybe we’ll reconnect with the past. 

My Trip to the Louboutin Boutique

I’ve a fetish for shoes but not just any. Louboutins. I am an addict and recently purchased, or should I say, had purchased for me, my 7th and costliest pair. A beautiful pair of purple snakeskin booties with 120 mm heels. I get these because I not only have a financial submissive in Manhattan who is a fabulous chef and owner of an incredible restaurant but because now I’m at a position in life where I CAN. I now have insurance on my shoes and a security system that centers on my shoes. I love them, I’m addicted to them and cannot have enough pairs. The feeling of power and authority and self confidence I have wearing these works of art is immeasurable and he last paid fuels the need for the next pair even more. These shoes belong in MoMA, whether on display on a shelf or on my feet. Regardless, I deserve them and want more. As narcissistic as this sounds, I have these because I have wonderful people who take care of my wants. 

I’ve been behind in writing about my life.  Here’s my latest update.

I recently lost a long time submissive (“G”) but gained an absolute gem in my latest and to date, favorite.  His name is “R” and he is a fabulous chef, owner of a fabulous restaurant in Manhattan and has proven to be outstanding beyond my wildest dreams.  Not only is he an incredible chef but an unbelievable financial submissive.  I’m doing my first extended session with him this weekend to include several personally prepared meals but also two wonderful nights at the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue in NYC which is my absolute favorite place to stay.  I do plan on doing some ice skating this weekend, a little bit of shopping and a lot of relaxing at a local spa.

I met “R” through a phone sex service called NiteFlirt.  I was somewhat apprehensive about such a service but have found it to be a fabulous medium to not only engage wonderful submissives but I’ve found that the quality of those I’ve actually met in person have been much more consistent than those who served prior.  “R” has prepared a meal for me before and I will say that there’s a reason why his ratings and reviews in the NY Times have been what they are.  He’s a true talent.

I’m looking forward to a renewed love of Manhattan which certainly brings back wonderful memories of all the times I’ve spent there over the past few years.  And I’m looking forward to a wonderful submissive, on his knees, accepting his punishment (spanking and cock torture) all the while making sure that my time in the city is fabulous.  As always.