We’ve decided to spend a few days in Florida as a triad and what a glorious time it is. Having a third person along only enhances the dynamic and obviously raises more than a few eyebrows. We went to Bern’s last night and I was told, correctly, that they have the third largest wine cellar in the world, over 500.000 bottles. Yes, that number is correct. It was so much fun walking in there, all holding hands and seeing the knowing and understanding smile of the maître d’ and wait staff. And a few disapproving glances from stuffy and stodgy patrons who don’t understand the concept of three people loving.

On our way back to DC today and then headed to NYC tomorrow to do a session with a submissive….

Several years ago I entered into a fabulous relationship with another woman and my man. For 5 wonderful months we had the time of our life until it all abruptly ending, sadly and almost tragically. There were irreconcilable differences among us and a certain level of vitriol that could never be overcome. We remained strained friends for over a year after our separation until we finally ended it once and for all.

We swore off triads until now. Across our path came a remarkably beautiful, articulate and intelligent woman so different from the ones in the past that we had to see if this one would actually work. We’ve progressed slowly but are planning our first weekend away together in Manhattan. It’s time to take all the memories of the past and overwrite them with new ones, going to the wonderful places that we’ve frequented with others and now making them part of a new and wonderful relationship.

We’re going to document this relationship like we have others in the past and we’re always interested in hearing from anyone who wants to know more!

I’ve been having a fabulous time the past few weeks at some incredible fetish parties from DC to Boston. Last night’s party in Manhattan was a blast and to have two submissives worshipping my boots while the third held my whips was to say the least, highly arousing. I also met up with our latest triad member, down from Boston and one who is thoroughly immersed in the fetish and bdsm culture. Not only did I have a line of slaves begging to serve but afterwards, had an incredibly beautiful woman to return to our hotel.

I’m also still more than mildly amused at the fact that my fun and enjoyment remain unabated. I guess the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. What do you think?

We’re involved in a new venture despite some of the challenges we faced with other triads. We’re not sure if this will have different results than before but based on our most recent experience we’re optimistic that this will be better than previous times. She’s intelligent, motivated and exceptionally attractive. And she’s anxious and excited to experience our level of kink. This has been a great weekend and lots more details to follow.