I’ve been behind in writing about my life.  Here’s my latest update.

I recently lost a long time submissive (“G”) but gained an absolute gem in my latest and to date, favorite.  His name is “R” and he is a fabulous chef, owner of a fabulous restaurant in Manhattan and has proven to be outstanding beyond my wildest dreams.  Not only is he an incredible chef but an unbelievable financial submissive.  I’m doing my first extended session with him this weekend to include several personally prepared meals but also two wonderful nights at the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue in NYC which is my absolute favorite place to stay.  I do plan on doing some ice skating this weekend, a little bit of shopping and a lot of relaxing at a local spa.

I met “R” through a phone sex service called NiteFlirt.  I was somewhat apprehensive about such a service but have found it to be a fabulous medium to not only engage wonderful submissives but I’ve found that the quality of those I’ve actually met in person have been much more consistent than those who served prior.  “R” has prepared a meal for me before and I will say that there’s a reason why his ratings and reviews in the NY Times have been what they are.  He’s a true talent.

I’m looking forward to a renewed love of Manhattan which certainly brings back wonderful memories of all the times I’ve spent there over the past few years.  And I’m looking forward to a wonderful submissive, on his knees, accepting his punishment (spanking and cock torture) all the while making sure that my time in the city is fabulous.  As always.

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