This is how she approached.

My initial thought was, “this is a guy pretending to be a woman”. After all, no woman I know, except for me, is into the naughty details.

As I persisted, I realized she actually was a woman and really was into the naughty details and that’s what attracted us to her. She had no preconceived notion about what a relationship with a couple would be, she was very open to our ideas and relationship. She laid everything out in front of us and told us what she wanted, what she liked and what she expected. But there was still much unsaid.

We conducted several weeks of back-and-forth texting as well as several phone calls.  Yes, indeed she was a woman and she was everything that she said she was. That’s what struck us as so very intriguing. The challenge is to find someone in this lifestyle who carries the level of attractiveness both physically and mentally as well as the necessary intellect to hold our interest. But that’s exactly what she did.

Our first meeting with her was at a hotel across the river from Manhattan.  She dressed in a cute black top and shorts with a pair of high-heels and looked every bit as beautiful as she did in the pictures she sent. A welcome relief from the non-stop catfishing that persists on these sites. We ordered drinks, chatted and observed some of the stares we received from other patrons. It’s interesting how people pick up on the dynamic of a threesome even when nothing overtly happens.

I think what impacted us most was the level of intelligence and ability to articulate a wide variety of subjects. I’ve met other women in similar situations and all I receive are blank stares. “N”, as I’ll refer to her, is not that. She’s well read, traveled and spoken.

But reagardless the mental attraction, the next challenge became how to engage physically. Alcohol loosens things up. But the first move is hard. Who makes it? Who initiates sex? And let there be no doubt, our initial meeting was purely a hedonistic pursuit. Upon arriving in our room, she asked if she could smoke to relieve a bit of the anxiety. That presents its own challenge because you’re never sure what person you get afterwards. Is it someone loose and carefree or manic and crazy? It’s a risk. You take risks. It was worth taking.

N’s body is fabulous. Unblemished from the stress of child birth, her body is toned, firm, soft and most arousing. The next thing I saw was clothes coming off, full nudity and this beautiful woman going down on my man.  And I loved it. Yes, my female readers, I loved it. I was finally in that voyeuristic state that allowed me to bask in the scene without harboring any guilt or jealousy.  It didn’t hurt that we have such similar physical characteristics. I know I’m hot. And I know she is too. But what would cause most to be jealous only aroused me. I didn’t think I’d lose my man to this incredibly driven, smart, intellectual woman. I knew it would make him want me more.

It worked.

The sex was intensely mind blowing. From behind, all fours, tied up, missionary, oral and vaginal simultaneously, receiving and giving strap on, multiple orgasms. I’ve never had sex like that. But what was most arousing is seeing this powerful and strong woman become compliant and submissive. I loved watching my husband take her from behind and fuck her. Hard. I loved seeing him take a fistful of her hair, putting her on her knees and having her pleasure him while she looked up into his eyes. I loved seeing the man who dominates me dominate her. I truly wanted her to feel the thrill of what my mind and body craves each day.

To be continued…

The continuation

There comes the point that the sex ends and then you’re left with the inevitable psychological crash that accompanies this.  Equate it to a runner’s high.  You finish the race and now there’s nowhere to go.  I didn’t know much about “N” so understanding her needs after sex was a variable I hadn’t contemplated until the moment of truth.  Does she want to be held, does she want to be left alone, will it be an escape with a possible text the next day saying, “thank you”? There were moments of anxiety, not really knowing what to do next but secretly hoping she would agree to stay the night.  From our standpoint, that’s a near emotional and psychological equivalent to the actual act of sex.  It implies a level of commitment and trust that may not be apparent during the moments of hedonistic pleasure.  Laying next to someone says something that even sex may not imply.  And waking up together then brings about another possible discomfort in the relationship process that nobody wishes to go through.  The most wonderful surprise was the fact that a relationship was struck, not one full of commitments and expectations, but of pleasure and enjoyment and respect.  Eating a late breakfast, it was apparent our intellect and interests more than intersected and the comfort and relief of this developed an even deeper passion and desire.

Physical looks matter.  Intelligence matters.  The combination of these makes desire run much hotter than if it was only one or the other.  We agreed to meet again that night, wondering how we could ever top the night before but we found the intensity to be even greater because now we settled into a level of comfort and understanding that we didn’t have the night before.  And the fact she wanted to be with us a second night made the evening that much more exciting and stimulating.  We finally found someone able to keep up with us sexually.  And the sex was hot and nasty and raunchy.

We brought her to climax several times and the strap on play was unbelievable.  She was the first to ever use one on me and I came.  Hard.  It was toe curling excitement and I loved feeling this woman exert her dominance, even for a short time, over me.  My husband took her numerous times and I loved being able to sit back and once again enjoy watching the show, as though it was a true out of body experience.  He put her face down on the bed, pulled her ass up in the air and fucked her, all the while, her facial features telegraphed the pleasure and excitement she was feeling.  From a voyeurs standpoint, it was unlike watching porn.  This is pure, unadulterated hedonistic sex, the kind porn stars wish they had.  There were no outtakes or miscues. Her mouth would form in a small circle, her eyes rolling back into her head and each thrust of my husband’s cock into her made me feel like the most powerful woman on earth.  I orchestrated this and now I enjoyed the fruits of my labor.  I wanted a third.  I wanted a smart, talented, intelligent woman to challenge me, to give me some competition and to make me better at who I was.  And I wanted her to be a dirty girl just like me.  I showed her new positions and taught her a few things about her body and her orgasmic expectations that she never knew.  But even during the moments of kink, there was a desire to please her.   We wanted her to experience all the wonderful things that we experience on a daily and weekly basis with one another.  It wasn’t selfish exploitation that drove this relationship but a true sense that if she experienced orgasms and pleasure like she’d never felt before, she’d find new things inside  herself that could guide her into and through future relationships.  We wanted to show her that striving for her pleasure was not a bad thing.  But down deep inside, I did want to see her used.  I wanted to see my husbands cock plunge into her over and over, hear her squeal with pleasure and watch his explosion happen inside of her, taking what he wanted and, for a short time, not worrying about her pleasure but about his own.  I love being the vessel that gets him off.  I feel a true sense of accomplishment when I make him reach climax, even when I don’t.  I want him served first and I wanted her, for a time, to serve him first.  And she did, magnificently.

To be continued…

The continuation

Our second night of carnal pleasure went for hours. A large round loveseat in the hotel room had a spectacular view of Manhattan and that’s where we brought “N” to the climax she needed. That soul draining, physically exhausting climax that caused her to fall into my husband’s arms in complete bliss and satisfaction. I don’t know if I could possibly recall the number of orgasms we had. What “N” learned was that riding a cock backwards allowed for greater penetration and simultaneous self stimulation, producing orgasms that last, explode, permeate and penetrate right down to the soles of your feet.  What aroused me most is knowing that the deeper he penetrated her the more she begged for it and the more intense the sex became.  I felt like the consummate bad girl, creating an atmosphere and scenario that by even today’s standards and acceptance is still slightly taboo.  

We ended our first weekend together by laying in bed and talking about what transpired the past two evenings. This was the level of sophistication and sensuality that we couldn’t even imagine.  As we drifted off to sleep I remember craving the feel of my husbands cock inside me, if just for a short period of time, to bring me to the point of exhaustion so I could sleep.  During the night I felt the arousal of my husband and I knew I would be in for an early morning. Sex can be so wonderfully tiring at times. 

Around 6:15 the light from the sun began permeating the room and I could feel my husband’s arousal and his partially awake body moving against mine. It frequently starts like this and I crave that in the morning, especially if he’s going to be traveling. I love the smell of sex, the feel of his cum inside me and the knowledge I’ve been used purely for pleasure. His pleasure. I felt his leg push my legs apart and saw “N” looking at us as he pushed the head of his cock into me ever so slightly and caused my wetness to escalate. I heard her whisper, “that is so hot”.  He only penetrated me ever so slightly to the point I began begging him to fully enter me. In one swift, strong, penetrating thrust he entered me fully and an intense craving to be used swept over me. I want to be the dirty whore for him. I want other women to know and value this feeling. It’s my purpose. 

This is the way sex is supposed to be. Dirty. Carnal. Nasty. Raunchy. I don’t ever want to go back to the good girl. I enjoyed fucking her, I loved fingering her, I wanted her to use that strap on again and I wanted my husband to use us both until he was fully satisfied. Which is never.  I could never get enough of watching his erection moving in and out of her. 

The afternoon prior, “N” went home to do some work and my husband and I lay on the lawn in the shade during a sweltering but breezy Saturday afternoon. We relived each individual moment. We basked in delight about how easy and comfortable this was the night before. We discussed the other women we approached in the past who were neither mature or sophisticated enough to handle this type of relationship. We revealed our cautious optimism but agreed that if that one night were the only night with “N”, it was more than worth it. As the sun started to lower behind the buildings and the temperature cooled, we sat at a table  outside the hotel where some families gathered and heard the annoying laughter and profanity of several slightly drunk ladies who migrated from the streets above the hotel to drink cheap alcohol.  I gently reminded them of the children around and one lady came over, cutely drunk, and began talking. Alcohol merely exposes the true feelings of the soul and she bared hers to us. My husband was visibly annoyed at the intrusion but I was curious to hear her enebriated thoughts. She had an 11 month old child at home and she immediately noticed the obvious happiness generated by our first night with “N”.  Slightly slurring her words she unleashed her frustration of her own marriage and that child birth meant the death of pleasure and the summary execution of passion that she once had when she was courting.  My husband’s demeanor changed slightly as we both saw a woman who wanted to be that dirty girl for her husband. “I just want him to throw me up against the wall and fuck me like a whore”, she said. A familiar and not uncommon feeling amongst many women. Dominant, submissive, switch. All of us want, at some point, to just be that dirty whore. 

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Naughty Details Will Only Turn Me On

  1. Magnificent. I’m so happy that you’ve found someone who blends so well with you guys. It’s amazing when there is such attraction, understanding and mutual respect. And I love how you were able to articulate your response to the experience from your vantage point. Great post, Lovely. Can’t wait to read more❤️

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      1. Lovely Black Widow,
        I would be honored to have you repost some of my dirty little tales. I just updated my blog and added a reblog button adjacent to the like button, so that will allow you to repost anything you’d like. And I have a BDSM blog that I write as well, although I’ve not posted on there for some time. (I’ve been far too busy serving my One)


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