I came to my second Fetish Factory event this past weekend and am headed home tomorrow.  I had a good time but like all events, there was the group of self entitled, childish individuals that lessened the experience. 

First, let me say, moral judgements about drug use aside, bringing drugs to these events, even just marijuana, is foolish. In Florida, it’s illegal and using in the hotel and venues jeopardizes the business’s well being. It’s also inconsiderate for those who may be engaged in a scene. Sunday evening was equally as annoying when, in the midst of an engagement, someone decides to light up right next to me. 

I realize there are those whose fetish is doing shocking things with the intent on shocking those around them.  I think this may be one of the most selfish and inconsiderate motivations. These people see nothing wrong with committing a sex act in front of a couple from Des Moines, or the Dominican cleaning staff. I fully support your fetish but only to the point where it begins to offend those around you. 

Have common decency and respect. It’s one thing to offend someone with your words. I have no issue with that. It’s another to offend with your actions when they cross the line of local or regional sensibilities.  Don’t like the Bible Belt? Go to Folsom Street where the behavior is accepted. 

Our lifestyle is already seen by many as out of the mainstream and doing things that cross those lines affects the acceptance of gay, straight and trans individuals who just wish to live in peace. 

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