I received this today after one of the most sadistic and intense sessions I’ve ever heard.


Dear respected Mistress Ana

I would like to use this message to ask your permission to cum in the next few days.

The last orgasm I had was during our first meeting on March 22.  The previous one was probably 4-5 weeks before that.  When we met that first time, I hadn’t expected an orgasm, but it happened, and it was unexpectedly powerful.  Since our first encounter, my mind has been occupied thinking about you and about ways I can serve you better as a submissive and as a slave.

For whatever reason, the consequence of this change in my life and in my thinking priorities has caused an increase in feelings of lust, libido, a higher than usual sexual frustration.  I am at my most sexually active in the mornings around dawn when I awake.  These feelings are compounded by fantasies and ambitions of functioning as your slave, added to which I imagine myself being disciplined and punished in appropriate ways, such as being bound, gagged, abused, beaten and generally disciplined.  Sometimes I imagine myself being anally fucked by you, other times I think of myself as your long-term slave for weeks and months, ministering to all your needs.  Whatever it may be, our meetings, our conversations and our relationship have triggered a certain recent upsurge in libido.

All of which has triggered a steam of frustration and desire within me, which I feel I need to relieve.  I have been true to you and to my own word in committing myself to denial since that first day we met.

If you determined in your wisdom and judgment that you would not allow me to cum in the near future (or maybe set such an event at a future meeting or some other distant date), I would do my utmost to comply.  I would certainly undertake to notify you if I failed and broke this promise.  And I would accept and enjoy the consequences, however negative.

If you were to agree, however, I believe it would ultimately flow to your own benefit.  I think it would make me spiritually and physically renewed and thus more energetic in my willingness to serve you.  I would be a better submissive for your own amusement and fulfilment and make your life more efficient and rewarding.

If the price for your agreement to allow me to cum were additional torments and discomforts, or more onerous duties, I would happily comply.  Indeed, I would be willing to propose appropriate discipline, punishments and abuses for myself to assist you.

The relationship between being a serious submissive and sex in my case has always been rather complicated.  Sometimes acting as a submissive does provoke some strong sexual feelings or response.  Many other times not, even when I was younger and more sexually vigorous.  For me being a submissive or a slave (or both, as I know they’re not synonymous) is for me mostly about power and control.  What I seek most of all in such arrangements is to surrender total control of my mind and body to a dominant mistress and to accept all or any punishments among the way, however humiliating or abusive.  Such punishments, of course, have always included sexual denial.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, but I’m hopeful of a positive response.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Your new sub XXXXXX

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