We’re constantly approached by people who wish to act as “personal submissives” or, in other words, get free sessions.  Recently a submissive said wrote to us about our current trip to Manhattan and asked if he could perform personal services.

As always, we asked what those would be.  He stated that his service was impeccable and highly sought after but we still wanted to know what it was that he could do for us.

After much back and forth, he stated that he would go get coffee or meals or whatever else it was that we needed.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.  As a professional dominatrix, what need do I have for you to get me coffee? Why do you think that personal services are of any value? I ask these questions rhetorically because everyone knows the answer.  You have no value to us.  We’re capable of getting our own coffee or meals or picking up our dry cleaning.  It’s interesting what people believe is valuable.

We don’t wish to sound ungrateful, but the fact is, personal services do very little and aren’t stimulating.  Our stimulation comes from the interaction, discipline and humility that come with actual interaction, not from just handing over a cup of coffee.

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