I have many submissives, some are experienced and know exactly what they love, others need guidance and direction.  My favorite submissive and most dependable is submissive “G”.  He has come such a long way in a matter of months and I think his relationship with his Domme is exactly what he needs.  Here is his latest entry into FetLife.


I entered chastity for Mommy this week. Right now I have spent a full day locked up and am loving it! Its something so physical and constant that reminds me of Mommy, and how my life is controlled by her.

In our last session I was able to talk through a lot of issues I’ve been having recently. I’ve been transitioning into a new job, and although it’s a great fit and wonderful opportunity, but it was causing me a lot of anxiety. Mommy helped me work through my self-doubt, and told me things I needed to hear. I know Mommy cares about me, and embracing my life as a sub makes me so much happier. I want to focus only on Mommy, on earning more for her, becoming more productive and successful in every facet of life. Mommy has wonderful plans for me, things I am sure I would never accomplish without her guidance.


-The Black Widow

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