Last weekend we decided, even though a bit tired and worn out from fighting through New York City shoppers, that we would venture to lower Manhattan and try out Paddles.  Erich had been many years ago but Ana had never been so we caught the train and paid our $35 each to get in.

And it was worth it.

First, Manhattan has a greater proportion of attractive people so it would stand to reason that the attendees at Paddles would be attractive and sexy.  It might sound shallow, but physical attraction is important.  The four individuals we observed conducting serious rope play were beautiful and artistic.  They conducted their craft in such a way that it was both visually and psychologically stimulating.  The rooms and equipment were quite good, although some of the furniture used for sitting (not bdsm fixtures) could and should be replaced.  Ana found two more than worthy submissives, one who was experienced to the level of knowing when to avert his eyes, when to bow his head and when to acknowledge the needs of the Domme.  The other, a somewhat new but desirous CBT aficionado who has proved to be quite fun, long after the night at Paddles.

We stayed for 4 hours and have determined that we’ll be attending a lot more events in the future.  The people were wonderful, the attendees and play partners respectful and engaging and this is certainly a place we’ll frequent in the future.

-The MindFucks

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