So often we’ll get responses to advertisements or our FetLife ( profile that wonder if what is depicted is really us.

Unequivocally, yes.

We update our pictures, video and blog so often that it should give everyone a high level of confidence that we are who we say we are and that we do what we say we do.

IMG_2066We do keep our identity hidden online, we do have lives apart from our fetishes.  But part of the joy of this lifestyle is telling everyone what we do,IMG_2044 letting them know that we’re real people that have the same desires, goals and challenges in life and that sexuality is a wonderful thing, especially between a committed, married couple.  Frankly, we believe that we’re the best therapy for the couple that needs help because our lifestyle unleashes the passions and desires, both physical and emotional, that keep relationships strong.

We’re also asked, how often do you have vanilla sex versus fetish or bdsm sex.  Much depends on what’s going on in our lives but if we’re shooting video, we’ll have non-vanilla sex several times a week but even our vanilla sex tends to lean towards fetish sex.  IMG_2356We’ll wear leather to bed, sleep in it, hold each other

Snapshot 1 (7-6-2014 9-27 PM)

down, wrestle, talk dirty and do many other things that most people would deem as D/s and not vanilla.  Regardless, we love having sex and as a couple in our 50s, that’s a rarity.

0193200-R1-E027Our desire is to continue this lifestyle until we’re physically unable to do so any more.  Staying in shape, exercising, and being open 0181700_0181700-R1-E025minded about sexuality, whether you’re 25, 50 or 75 years old is the key.  Being unafraid to indulge in somewhat hedonistic pursuits with one another and unashamed of sex regardless of age makes this a journey so worth having.

We will continue to post true depictions of our sexual interaction, stories about encounters with others in this lifestyle and events in general about


our lives.  We hope that you’ll always find this interesting and we would love to know what people want to know about us.

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