Religious play can be very taboo, even among the most open minded bdsm, D/s and fetish couples.  What level are you willing to go, what are you willing to desecrate and how deep are your beliefs in the afterlife or even retribution here on earth.

We tend to lean toward the side that  God has humor and isn’t concerned with our use of religious symbolism or a rubber nun’s outfit to create a sexually charged environment.  How far we go is a challenge, even for us.

We own a Jesus crucifix dildo which, from an imagery perspective, is about as wicked as it gets.  We certainly hope that Jesus isn’t too pissed off.  As for desecrating a religious text, we’ve never really done that, only talked about it.  We’ve used Bibles in photography, but only with a naughty nun holding it.  We will admit that we steer away from Islamic imagery because of the potential responses that may be triggered.  But rosary beads, crucifixes, chalices and Bibles all seem fair game.

We’d also like to try doing a session in a cemetery but the obvious complications make it nearly impossible.  But down deep inside, there’s a desire to use a large crucifix headstone as the tie down point for a flogging.  And if there was a way to get away with it, using the altar in a church could prove to be the ultimate in sacrilege.

We’d love to know other opinions on religious play and how far you’re willing to go in using religious symbolism in fetish or bdsm play.

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