Over the years, we’ve seen numerous clients who vary in experience, desire and ability. Some correspondence this morning with a Craigslist respondent made us want to write a bit about these people. 

What’s fascinating is that the vast majority of clients do not fit any stereotypical mold. They’re businessmen, lawyers, contractors, mechanics and sometimes students.  The most intriguing are the ones who possess fetishes that are so far removed from their personas that you would never suspect their desires. 

We’ll highlight one. 

He is a business owner, younger than the average submissive, loves very physical play, travels extensively, loves cross dressing and has a intellect that’s sharper than anyone’s.  What’s even more intriguing is his “split personality” when playing during a session. He has two distinct characters that he divulges depending on how we are playing with him. One is sweet and submissive, the other saucy and nasty. Both are loads of fun but the nasty girl is the one that brings out the aggressive play in us. 

Our enjoyment comes from knowing and understanding each of the submissives desires, fantasies and fetishes. Bringing out these aspects, sometimes unknown to the submissive is what’s most enjoyable about this lifestyle. 

-The MindFucks

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