I’ve written about him several times but always feel the desire to highlight his service and motivation.

Submissive “G” is truly my top submissive.  Not because of the sessions he schedules and they’re always greatly appreciated, but because he does the most with the least.

Let me contrast two individuals, both similar in financial capability, age and education.

One wastes time by begging for free sessions, always claiming he’s too poor to afford an experience and then is duplicitous and deceitful.  He made ridiculous claims that he no longer wanted to be in the lifestyle yet I received a call from another domme asking why he was contacting her when the profile on a bdsm website said he served me.

And then there’s submissive “G”.  He works hard.  He’s frugal and judicious with his money, he works extra jobs, comes up with creative ways to serve and strives hard to make my life easier.  In exchange, I truly look out for his well being and provide him guidance, discipline and direction.  He trusts me and I trust him.

So why are two individuals of such similarity so vastly different in capability? I don’t have a good answer other than to say one cares for his Domme and the other only cares about himself.

-The Black Widow

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