So often the experiences I have with fetishists end up being more about their fetish than my pleasure and I realize, as a professional dominatrix, that’s not always unreasonable.  But very often, fetishists say that while they may have a boot or foot fetish, they want to bring me pleasure.  So, rhetorically speaking, why do they so infrequently provide me with that pleasure and enjoyment?

Last night, I met a foot fetishist for his first experience with me.  It was the first time, in all the years I’ve been doing this, that the fetishist indulged his fetish all the while making my enjoyment and pleasure, truly paramount in his effort.

Unlike so many fetishists who believe that the beginning of the experience is merely a transition into taking further liberties, he did nothing of the sort.  So often a “foot” fetishist will begin working his way well north of the ankles with the mistaken belief that if he pursues quickly enough, he might be able to “pleasure” me orally.  That never happens but nevertheless, many of these fetishists believe that’s what I want.  Let’s be clear.  There’s only one man who gets that and he’s my Master and husband.  But regardless, they try.  And it goes beyond annoying.

But “B” was so different.  Not only was the experience wonderful, at no time did he believe he had the right, obligation or freedom to do anything other than worship my feet.  And the conversation was the most stimulating I’ve had with a fetishist or submissive in a long time.  He is, even at a young age, a renaissance man and I appreciate that.  Hard working, motivated and generous, he was, in essence, the perfect fetishist.

I write this because even as he served, I received such inane requests from prospective clients that I could hardly hide my disgust.  Not only respectful and thoughtful, but interesting and intellectually stimulating, it was a true pleasure to allow his service.

-The Black Widow

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