Thanks everyone for making November our best month in our brief WordPress blog history.  We’ve increased the number of views by 15%, visitors by 18% and shown great growth in the interest of our sexual lives.

We want to encourage you to forward, reply to and like every posting you see here.  We really want this to grow and our goal is no less than 10% month to month expansion.  Ultimately, we would love to reach 2000 views next month and we believe this is possible with your help.

If you see our posting on Twitter or Facebook, re-Tweet or re-post it.  Every little bit helps.  Comment and like every posting if you can.

All the stories that we post here are true and they’re about OUR sexual lives.  We’re unafraid of our sexuality and believe that others really want to know what we do and hopefully it will help them further their sex lives.  This is a positive thing and we can’t do it without your help.

Thanks again and we hope that you’ll continue to like, comment and support our blog.

-The MindFucks (Mr. & Mrs. G)


Facebook: BlkWidow_Fetish

Twitter: BlkWidow_Fetish

FetLife: Mr_and_Mrs_G or The_Mindfucks

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