We’ll be open about our sex.  It’s explosive, aggressive, selfish and lustful.  Last night we had one of those evenings that were truly raunchy.

There is nothing like taking what you want from a sexual experience.  Fulfilling your selfish nthe eeds and gratification with no concern for the other person’s pleasure.  That, in an of itself, can be exceptionally stimulating to the other person who is being denied.

As I stroked his erection, I knew that I was going to get on top and ride him until I could not move.  I was not going to worry about his orgasm, I was having as many as I wanted.  Having a sexual partner who is turned on by this makes it even more pleasurable and to be clear, we both enjoy this.  This isn’t about domination and submission, it’s about hedonistic pleasure.

I mounted him, slid onto his shaft slowly so I could feel the size, slowly pulled my long leather gloves on all the way to my shoulders, placed my  hands on his shoulders and started moving up and down slowly.  He lifted his pelvis off the bed slightly and I felt the waves of selfishness course through my body.   I wanted more and could feel the first orgasm starting to build.

He has learned how to position his erection inside me to stimulate it and I’ve learned when he does that to demand even more.  I wrapped my gloved hands around his neck, restricting his airflow and demanding satisfaction.  I saw the anger and rage build in his eyes and that made me want more.  The first orgasm swept over me  and I snarled, “I want more and I want you to fuck me until I say stop”.   From the bottom, he thrust harder and faster, positioning himself so that the sides of my pussy became highly stimulated.  I thrust myself onto him faster and faster as the beat of Nine Inch Nails thumped around us the suggestive lyrics only inflamed my lust.

As my 6th and 7th orgasms peaked I felt the viciousness sweep over me like a tidal wave.  I placed my gloved hands over his mouth and nose and cut off all air.  “You will NOT cum until I’ve gotten everything I want” I growled and orgasms 8 and 9 swept through me.  He struggled against his lack of air but I refused to let go.  At any moment he could have pushed me off but the lack of oxygen, the viciousness of my lust and the rage and the desire I had made him want to bring me to ecstasy over and over.

I had 11 orgasms total and fell into his arms, an exhausted, sexually fulfilled mess.

-The Black Widow

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