We finally found an evening to unleash our leather fetish, which has lurked in the background of our everyday lives the past couple months as we let business and other events around us become our masters.

Ana left to go to the store and Erich decided that this would be a great time to pull some of her favorite leather attire out and wearing it when she arrived home.  There was to be no doubt about the direction of this evening.  He texted her, “Are you coming back alone”, knowing that she met a good friend for dinner and that there could be the possibility the two of them may come back to the condo together.  She responded, “no”, and he continued to get ready.  Ana always loved the leather dog hood that made her think of an aggressive Doberman and he made sure that was out and ready.

When she arrived home and walked in, her appreciation for the leather he wore was immediately apparent and her pulse quickened.  He told her, “You have 30 minutes to get ready” and she put down her bag and went straight to the bedroom to get cleaned up and into attire that reflected the evening.

When she came out, he was sitting on the couch, lace-up leather pants, riding boots, black t-shirt and a long leather floor length coat with studded gloves.  The leather dog hood lay next to him and that was all it took to plunge into full submission mode.  “On your knees”, he said as he placed a pillow on the hardwood floor.  She knelt and placed her hands on the cock that was erect beneath his leather pants.  He had several cock rings at the ready and told her to unleash the erection that she wanted in her mouth.  She untied the lacing at his waist and frantically pulled the laces out, craving that cock more and more.  As she pulled it from the leather it sprung forth and he told her to place several of the rubber cock rings on his shaft.  As she did, it continued to grow in size  and he put his gloved hand on the back of her head and pulled her head onto him and her mouth swallowed his erection.  He grabbed a fistful of her hair and helped her mouth stroke him and she looked up into his eyes as she used her fingers to stroke his shaft.  What a glorious sight for her. On her knees in front of her Master, his legs spread slightly, one hand on his waist.  A true sense and vision of power and masculinity.

She would occasionally lick his shaft and swirl her tongue around the head and then swallow him whole again.  He then pulled back, too her hand and brought her to her feet.  He led her into the bedroom, bent her over the bed facing the mirror, pulled her pony tail so her head looked right into the mirror and plunged his massive erection into her.  She moaned with pleasure because this was as much about the physical pleasure as it was the sight and the psychological thrill of the leather dog hood, the raging dominance and the sexual thrill of completely submitting to a savage Master.  This was heaven to her and as he increased the frequency of his plunges into her, she felt more in control than ever.  She was getting exactly what she wanted and hoped it never ended.

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