As we’ve stated in the past, may of these writings are by “us”; Mr. and Mrs. G.  But occasionally one of us will write alone regarding specific situations, events or submissives.

One of my submissives has come a long way in the past 6 months.  After fits and starts, false hopes and promises, he has developed into an unbelievable submissive, dependable, consistent, kind and giving.  We had our first experience last week and it was such a wonderful first session.

What is most intriguing and likable about this submissive is his willingness to be innovative and think of ways that he can serve me better.  He takes notes, doesn’t question what I have him do, trusts implicitly and in return is treated with respect and care.  He showed his devotion and trust of me by providing me with information that could have been detrimental to his well being, however, instead of using that information, I gave it back to him, told him to guard it with his life and not reveal it ever again to anyone, including me and we began our relationship.  While I want his undying devotion and trust, i also want his personal well being to be cared for by not only me but everyone around him.

He takes initiative, finds new ways to please me and does truly put me first.  What is so enjoyable about this is that the relationship goes so far past the normal Domme/sub but as someone who helps guide his life and gives him direction.

As we delve further into this, I look forward to making his life more complete and satisfying.  I want to guide and direct him, give him purpose and keep him motivated to succeed not only personally but within the context of our relationship.

He is truly my best submissive.

-The Black Widow

One thought on “Developing My Perfect Submissive

  1. This is beautiful. From a submissive’s point of view, I can say that level of trust and guidance is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. Knowing that I have such purpose to serve my One and feeling the protection of his ownership allows me the safety and freedom to be my complete self.
    i can’t wait to read more of your journey together.


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