Every once in a while we love to take a look at the e-mail we receive and point out how absolutely stupid the questions and responses are.  Here are a few of our most recent favorites…


I would love to now mover I have awes won’t to try it out be tied up and push to my pint and than be blan away so hit me back I. Am 33 145 p and have a 7 in dick


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Any idea what language that was????


I am a 28 yr old attractive white twink that would LOVEEEE to worship you!

I am at work at the moment but will shoot a longer response when I get off master 🙂
I attached a few pictures
What’s a twink???? Anyone?
I’m usually a dominant guy
I’m a very cute guy buy not some tall bull type
Is this a pay you type of thing?
If so I’m prob not interested
But if this could be a private hing between us where you slowly show me this world (and don’t hurt me haha)
Then I could be interested if it stays between us
I have a job and roommate and family etc etc so I can’t have any marks left on me
Ummmm….I’d love proper English, but that’s too much to ask.

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