This past week we met a new “cuckold” who wanted to experience the thrill of humiliation and service to a dominant woman and her Bull.

We’ve been looking for a wonderfully consistent cuckold client that we could grow with and explore. This may hopefully be that person.

He asked if we could begin the session at an upscale bar with a set time to meet but he would be “characteristically late” and wanted to receive the wrath of a “wife” who is sick and tired of his inability to be on time and fulfill my needs.  He showed up disheveled and distracted, finding me waiting at the bar dressed in tight leather pants, a pair of Christian Louboutin boots and hair pulled back in a strict looking pony tail.  Irate, he begged my forgiveness for being tardy and I proceeded to berate him in front of the waiter.  As the waiter stood there uncomfortably, I said, “There’s little you do to satisfy me and now you keep me waiting.  Maybe I should keep you waiting…for the next time we have sex”.  The look on the waiter’s face was absolutely priceless.

I saw an obviously successful man across the room, certainly one who could satisfy me far better than the pathetic wretch merely sitting there in my existence.  We flirted and obviously connected with one another.  I truly enjoyed humiliating this man in front of others and it was quite obvious that he was aroused at the thought of being forced to watch me being fucked by a man with a much larger cock than his.

There’s certainly more to follow on this..

-The Black Widow

6 thoughts on “Our Most Recent Cuckolding Experience

      1. im in nyc-i’d love to serve you and your bull to see if I’m ready for Nina to cuck me as well. Can I email you?


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