Okay, we’ll admit it.

We’re shameless self promoters.  Since entering this lifestyle a number of years ago, we’ve morphed, reinvented, evolved and grown as dominants, submissives and fetishists.  We’re doing things now that several years ago we would have never considered or even discussed.

One of those things is video work.  Yes, we do it to make money and it’s fun.  There’s an element of excitement in front of the camera, knowing that the voyeuristic tendencies of all of us will come through.  To be honest, we’d do this regardless of the money but there’s also nothing wrong with a capitalistic effort while doing something you absolutely love.

We have several fetishists and submissives that join us in making these videos.  They gladly donate their time and in return, we provide them with a fabulous time.  We all benefit and ultimately you, as the prospective viewer, will really benefit.

So,with all that said.

Go to http://www.clips4sale.com/94733 and look at what we offer. Buy something and support the greater effort of spreading our perversity among the countries and continents (Isle of Man, we’re watching you….:) )

-The MindFucks

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