Every couple days we look at the WordPress metrics to see how many views, readers, likes, comments and countries view our blog posts.

Two things always stand out.

Isle of Man.  We want to meet the perv that lives here.  And apparently there’s a second because today we received to “views” from there. The second, far more intriguing data points are the views from Saudi Arabia.  Come on, we know that we’re illegal in your country and that if we were there our heads would be chopped off by the Wahhabi so we know you must be taking a bit of a risk merely reading the posts that we have here on WordPress.

We’d love to know if these people merely stumble on this (Isle of Man, we know you don’t because you’re pretty consistent, but Saudi, we want to know more) or actually have an interest in BDSM.

Regardless, we’re very intrigued an would cherish a response.

Oh, and Israel, nice to see the tribe looking in…;)

  • The MindFucks

6 thoughts on “Okay, So Now We’re Very Intrigued…

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