We recently met a submissive who has a strong fetish for fur.  He enjoys tease and denial, bondage and torment with fur coats, stoles and boas.  We realize that there are some who object to the use of animal fur and we did briefly consider this but believed that this was an indulgence worth pursuing.

We’re equally intrigued that this submissive enjoys having us wear fur while he’s bound and teased.  We’ll admit, it’s more than a bit unusual and the fact that he’s gay yet enjoys the interaction with a female dominatrix as part of his indulgence.

There is something quite erotic, also about mixing leather and fur in a scene.  The look is sexy and alluring and does carry with a certain animal quality to it that makes one feel powerful and very dominant.

We’re doing our first session with him on Friday and do so look forward to this new fetish and hopefully a long period of sensual fetishism.

  • The MindFucks

2 thoughts on “Indulging in a New Fetish

  1. Just read this. Fur coats, silk tops and leather pants on women were always a fetish of mine. Guess there is more than one out there 🙂 Some fantasies go along with it.


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