So last night we had an interesting session of fetish, breath play and aggressive sex.  What a glorious combination!

There is something so incredibly arousing about the intensity of building and heightening aggression in your partner.  Putting something around the neck, holding off air and aggressively fucking is, to say the least, fabulous for both parties.  It gives one the sense of control, the other a sense of anger and if directed in the right manner, unbelievable orgasms.

As you may notice, we both write postings here on WordPress and as often as possible, try to give the couples point of view rather than a single individual.  But this posting is written from the standpoint of the Master.

While truly dominant, I do enjoy letting The Black Widow release her aggression because ultimately it heightens mine.  We love rough sex.  Not abusive sex.  Rough.  Wrestling, denial and refusal can bring such an intense orgasm it’s more than physical, it becomes extremely emotional.

As she straddled me, and mounted my erection, she pulled a rope around my neck and restricted the air more and more.  She became the sadistic cunt, taking what she wanted and leaving nothing in return.  This builds anger and desire and once reaching the first orgasm, she proceeded to achieve the second, restricting air, then allowing breathing.  Finally, after several times, the aggression became so great that I flipped her off of me, threw her on her stomach on the bed and mounted her from behind, grabbing a fistful of her hair and telling her what a nasty cunt she was.  In response, she showed and arrogance and disregard for my pleasure which made taking it even sweeter.  As I pounded her over and over, she struggled to get away which made things more intense with a final explosion of cum inside her.  I pushed her off of me and she rolled over with a satisfied smile and I closed my eyes ever so briefly, feeling her next to me.  Within minutes, she was caressing my body and because of the heightened sensuality, i was ready to go again, but this time I forced her mouth onto my erection and shot another load of cum into her mouth.

Ultimately, these encounters are what each of us crave and we’ll have many more to share in the coming days.

  • Mr. G (The MindFucks)

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