I’ve been training a new submissive who has made tremendous strides over the past few months after nearly a year of frustrating engagement.

This isn’t a posting about a session, interaction or bdsm but about how you build that trust.  Many submissives long for the relinquishment of control, not only in the dungeon but in their personal lives. They crave loss of control for many reasons. They may be powerful at work or don’t want to think about the responsibilities of life for short periods of time. Or they may be searching for direction. Regardless, the relationship quickly goes downhill if the submissive cannot trust the will of his or her owner. 

I have made a point to test this submissive to see if his devotion is genuine but also to give him legitimate belief that his trust in me is not displaced.  I do believe that there are many dominatrices who should ponder this at greater length before engaging submissives willing to cede large portions of their lives to an unknown person. 

– The Black Widow

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