Last night I fucked a slave. 

I went into the session with a sadistic mindset and enjoyed it. Immensely. 

I humiliated. Used. Abused. Craved. I pursued my own pleasure and didn’t worry about his. Last night was all about me and it left me craving more. I love the look of a cock dangling from my crotch.  I love plunging it in fast and listening to him whimper. Each thrust makes me feel more powerful, more controlling, more sadistic. 

I love making him prepare and lubricate my weapon, as he describes it. I want to make him lubricate it with his own cum. I want to put a strap around his waist so I can grab and pound him even harder. I want to make him feel my power and strength. I want to make my Master proud of me as I take men for my pleasure.  

I look forward to the next time. I will never be nice again. 

– The Black Widow

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