There is always an apprehension about taking on a submissive who has unrealistic or unreasonable expectations.  You have to not only reset those expectations but make sure that the trust bestowed upon you, as a Dom/me, is never compromised.

There are some submissives that believe full control of their lives and livelihoods is an exciting and liberating.  But it is, in reality, unhealthy.  Over the past year, I have worked with a submissive that wanted to open his entire life to me and have me control it.  While this may seem like a Dom/mes dream, it’s really not.  You must be honest and ethical about what you will do to and for that submissive and breaking that trust may put that submissive in a position where not only will he never trust again but he will never develop as the submissive he or she wishes to be.

A Dom/me has a tremendous responsibility as a person because you can manipulate and distort a person’s emotions and tendencies in ways that aren’t healthy.  It is incumbent on you to notice when a submissive’s desires cross from healthy indulgence into unreasonable or dangerous behavior.  Taking advantage of this is never in the best interest of the Dom/me…or the submissive.

One thought on “The Trust of a Submissive

  1. I have trained my wife into becoming my perfect submissive and have totally succeeded in earning the deepest of trusts, by being honest about what I am and my expectations. In fairness, we had many similarities prior to embarking on the long and enjoyable path, so I coaxed them out f her and gave her everything she needed to become what she is now. But trust is the lynchpin and should never, ever be broken. I am so proud of my perfect sub, that she will do anything I ask of her, without question and willingly.
    And it all comes down to trust!

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