We don’t know that we identify as “switches”, meaning, we don’t see ourselves as dominant one moment and submissive at another.  We do whatever strikes us, whenever it seems right.  There’s no doubt he’s the top dog but as we’ve found out in this lifestyle, even the dominant needs time to let someone else do the things to him or her that she wishes to have done.  As we learned a long time ago, just because you’re dominant doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy being flogged or having hot wax dripped across your body.

Last night was spectacular.  Despite the fact that she’s a professional dominatrix, it’s a wonderful thing to have someone say, “Get ready, dress for me and text me when you’re done”.  Sometimes we get so caught up in doing videos, sessions, parties and travel that we forget to play with each other.

There’s an interesting movie with James Spader called “Secretary”.  it’s definitely about BDSM; there’s plenty of spanking, denial, bondage and imagery consistent with this lifestyle.  Last night, he streamed this while she got ready, dressed as sexy and submissive-like as she possibly could, wearing the leather he so loves.  When he came back into the room, she was dressed and standing, submissively, in the center of the room.  He told her to lay on the bed and he fetched a blindfold, placing it around her eyes and binding her wrists with leather, all the while, the sounds of “Secretary” played in the background.  And he went to work on her body, alternately applying pleasure and pain to her, making her squirm, touching her sex, smelling the aroma of arousal throughout the room.  She could tell when he lay next to her, masturbating, making the bed shake.  Occasionally he would spread her legs and take his cock, putting it right up against her pussy and making her throb with desire and lust.  Occasionally, he would put his erection slightly inside her, pulling it out just as she thought it would be thrust deep inside her and then it hit her.  He rammed her hard and bringing her to orgasm nearly instantaneously.  And he pounded her hard.

She begged to feel him shoot cum inside her, making her feel wanted and craved by her master.  She felt it inside her, warm lubricant for her and she thrust her hips into him harder.  He grabbed her waist, pulled her deeper and harder onto this shaft and pounded away as she reached climax twice more.  All the while, listening to the sounds of a young girl in the movie “Secretary” being spanked.

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