Well, a foot fetishist is always loads of fun, but a foot fetishist that loves to suck cock, even better.  We’ve arranged for a foursome tomorrow night with a foot fetishist who loves to worship women’s feet and even more when they’re placed near a man’s cock.  This foot fetishist is as sexual as they come and cannot get enough cock.  We’ve devised a scenario where my feet are on Master’s erection and he’s forced to worship them all the while craving the cock that he wants down his throat.  I love the thought of placing a gloved hand on his head, stroking him softly and then pushing his head down onto that cock and shaft.  I want to hear him gag and choke.  I want to make him beg for air.  I want to watch my Master arrive near completion over and over, pulling back and then starting again.  I want to watch him go back to worshiping my feet, maybe watching Master’s cum erupt on them and making my slave lick them clean.  Maybe the other dominant female that joins us will fuck the slave with her strap on while Master becomes the ultimate Bull, controlling men and women simultaneously.

Ultimately, I want to see the desperation in the slaves eyes.  Craving air, cock, feet, cum.  All at once, not knowing which way to turn, his mind races for what to reach for next.  I want to hear his breathing stop as Master holds the back of his head with his gloved hand and forces his cock deeper.  I want to lounge in a chair and just watch.  I want to capture all this on video so I can watch it over and over again and imagine more wicked and evil scenarios.  And ultimately, i cannot wait to get fucked by my Master after he’s taken everyone else around him, knowing that the massive load he spills will be inside me.

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