We’ve recently built a fabulous relationship with a wonderful submissive we call “Nadya”.  Nadya is a whore, plain and simple.  She craves use and abuse.  She wants to be flogged and whipped, told what a nasty girl she is, tied up, left blindfolded, degraded and humiliated.  All for our pleasure.

She gives us pleasure.  She sucks cock, loves the strap on, worships and begs for more and is truly satisfied when left a quiver, weeping mess on the floor after several hours of use.

Nadya has two sides too.  The whore, The little girl.  The innocent submissive.  The nasty, filthy mouthed trollop who would stand on the corner and whore herself out for free if we told her to.  She’s fully under our control, she does what she’s told and even things we haven’t told her, but that willing mouth is so inviting to cock and strap on alike, that we cannot turn her away.  We’re stepping into a new phase of our relationship with her and you’ll be reading much more about her over the coming months.  We own her and she won’t be allowed to get away.

The MindFucks

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