This past weekend was the annual DC Fetish Ball.  In the past, it’s been fun but having been to the Fetish Factory parties in Florida, it’s hard for other parties to live up to the expectations.  This is the third year we’ve attended and have decided it will be our last.  Friday night was the pre-party at Aqua, a club in Northeast Washington, DC.  The vibe was good but the crowd was somewhat sparse and most folks seemed to migrate to the outside deck to smoke and chat.  Inside, there were two crosses and a spanking bench but the play space was limited and the players even more so.  We did get some good photographs and we did meet some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while, but outside of that, it was quite tame.

Saturday night was actually the most enjoyable evening.  Our good friends Zach and Stitch hosted a wonderful dinner and play party afterwards.  It was so nice meeting new friends and seeing some old ones, the dinner was average (Rustico in Old Town Alexandria has slipped in quality lately) but the company and discussion was all worth it.  Afterwards, we met at their rented house (found off AirBnB) and had a wonderful time.  Catching up with some long time friends with latex fetish play was so much fun and something we would really like to do more of in the future.  That’s why we do this!!

Last.  The DC Fetish Ball on Sunday night at Ultra Bar in Northwest DC has been a venue in past years that provided the kinky and sexy in DC a chance to get out and about.  Ultimately, the scene in DC is extremely tame, most likely due to the political implications of being seen at such an event.  Regardless, the DC Fetish Ball tended to be tame by any standard, not as well attended as in the past, disorganized and dysfunctional.  The play space was small and not well maintained or guarded.  Dungeon monitors were sparse and partygoers frequently walked through scenes.  Ultimately, we left after about an hour and a half and decided not to return in the future.

Ultimately, we’d rather do a few really great events such as Fetish Factory 21 (Memorial Day weekend, 2016), Montreal and Texas Latex Party.  Outside of that, our small circle of friends and video work is where we derive our greatest pleasure and satisfaction.

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