So we’re completely immersed in the fetish video world and finding that there are few things sexier and more arousing than making a video with your spouse, posting it online and watching others buy it.  We’ve definitely shown how much we need to improve but at the same time, it’s fun creating the “real” videos, those that aren’t staged but ones that are just us dressing up in latex or leather and fucking to our hearts content.  It even feels wonderful just typing the word “fucking” in a blog post.  It’s liberating and exhilarating and the furthest thing from what we thought we would be doing at this stage in our lives.

Fetish sex is so wonderfully fun and in an odd way, romantic.  Where, rhetorically speaking, can you get off, have passion with the one you truly love and let others see it.  Our only regret is not starting this venture sooner.

This is not to say that doing fetish video isn’t without it’s stress and challenges.  Latex gets hot, dressing up takes time and cooling off just as much.  But sex is a wonderful thing and when you can make a living doing it and doing it in a monogamous manner, it’s even better.0193200-R1-E037 0193200-R1-E038 0193200-R1-E036j 0193200-R1-E032 0193200-R1-E031 0193200-R1-E030k 0193200-R1-E029 0193200-R1-E028 0193200-R1-E027 0193200-R1-E024

These wonderful photographs were taken by Kenny Karpov

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