Our Latest Cuckolding Scene

Our last session was spectacular!

I met my “husband” in an upscale mall near the city. He dresses impeccably, looks the way a man should look and treats me like a Goddess. He’s also the perfect bitch. My bitch. 

Upon seeing him we did some subtle public play, my favorite being shoe shopping and more specifically, seeing him on his knees kissing my boots. Such a wonderful scene. He purchased a lovely pair of boots and a pair of shoes for me which look not only fabulous on me but are a reminder to me and him that he’s My bitch. 

We met My Bull in the mall and after some very overt humiliation we took him back to the hotel room where I tied him up, got into something even sexier and proceeded to have My Bull fuck me and quite hard. Ultimately My husband couldn’t bring himself to swallow my Bull’s cock but I’m sure that in time, my persuasion and training will cause him to reconsider.  Of course, ultimately, he’ll do just as I say.  


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