Our Little Bitch, Melinda

Well, our first video session with our newest female submissive is complete, video is captured and up on http://www.clips4sale.com/94733 and we’re thrilled with the results.  She shows wonderful potential, knows how to suck cock and get fucked simultaneously and is more than willing to be stuffed but several cocks at once.  She’s also a switch, knows how to domme and isn’t afraid of the camera.  What a wonderful find!!!

Our first interaction consisted of tying her up and having one cock in her mouth while the other fucked her…hard.  We took turns using her and that’s the best way to describe it.  Using.  She was and is our toy and we plan on using her over and over and over again until, if we tire of her, we terminate the relationship and move onto another one.  This is about pure hedonistic pleasure and for now, her tight pussy and willing mouth is what we want.

The videos of this interaction are exceptional and to be honest, that’s a huge part of the thrill, making videos so that people see what we are.  A truly dominant couple that loves to use willing submissives for hedonistic pleasure.  What a wonderful thing.

Any thoughts?


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