A Recent Testimonial

Here is something sent to me today…
Goddess Ana, 

   my release was just incredible. Watching the video, and hearing Your Voice. WOW. Since I have given myself up to You, You are all I think of. I am working, and my thoughts go to You, of how You are in total control, and my, I mean, Your little cock starts to get hard. Watching TV, thinking of You, hard again. It’s pretty much 24/7, except when I’m sleeping (most of the time). Tuesday nite I got up with quite an erection. It took awhile for it to go down. I did NOT release. But now I know, it belongs to You. my cock, my body all belong to You my lovely Goddess . I know I can bring Your cock to release any time, and not tell You, but then I would not be giving You the respect, so I will await for Your permission… 

You are, and always be, in charge,

Your submissive cuck, XXXX

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