Our Days in Tampa

so we arrived in Tampa on Monday. This is a trip that is a combination of business and pleasure.
The business aspect is shooting videos and meeting new clients. The pleasure aspect – going to the beach and relaxing. 

We’ve been involved with a wonderful submissive who enjoys role playing as a cuckolded husband. This type of play is extremely gratifying, both for us and for the submissive.

It truly is much different than the standard dominatrix and submissive dynamic. We engage in this role play as a couple with him playing the role of an anonymous Bull who emasculates the role playing cuckold in front of me.  We recently posted an article regarding this type of play and we must say that we have found this type of submissive to be one of the most intellectual we have ever engaged. 

There is so much more to this submissive then we can write about in this posting but suffice it to say, he is head and shoulders above all the rest that we play with.

As for the pleasure. Last night was a wonderfully relaxing evening on the beach in Clearwater. We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Clear Sky and then spent several hours on the beach watching the sunset and doing a little broadcasting using Periscope. For those of you unfamiliar with Periscope, it’s a wonderful application that streams live video using your Twitter feed. 

We have a bit of business to take care of today and then tomorrow and Friday are days off which will certainly be spent relaxing on the beach.

Lastly, we truly appreciate all the interest that all of you show in our blog postings. Please spread the word and let folks know that there is a fetish couple out there that is real and willing to engage others interested in this lifestyle. 


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