The Realm of a Fetish Video Model

We have a new found respect for those in the porn industry.  Having completed our first dozen videos, ranging in length from 5-10 minutes, we now have a much better understanding of what the average porn star encounters on a daily basis.  So far, it’s just us two and our two iPhones and a GoPro camera.  No other people are involved but we’re changing that soon.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of pressure on porn actors to perform, and not necessarily in the way that you think.  You have to contemplate lighting, angles, action and outtakes.  You want things to appear as spontaneous as possible but also must plan for some things that the viewer will never see.  We’re not trying to recreate Casablanca, but the fact is, porn and fetish models and actors really do work hard and their craft (and yes, we do believe it’s a craft) is constantly evolving and challenging them.  Technically, it’s a lot tougher than it looks also and the editing process can be excruciating at times, trying to figure out what stays and what goes.  And believe us, there’s a lot that ends up going.

Our thoughts are that for every hour of video shot, you try to get 45-50 minutes of useable content.  Adding live streaming to this mix means making sure the lighting is good for that, that you don’t mess up along the way and that if you do, you find a way to reasonably recover and maybe even have the audience laugh with you.

Along the way, what we’re finding is that the video realm allows us greater flexibility.  We can do this from any hotel room or apartment.  Simple iPhones and GoPros are wonderful at capturing high definition video and the editing capability on both these devices is so intuitive and easy that from shoot to edit to posting can literally be a few hours.  But that said, just remember next time you download a video.  Those people do work hard and do deserve credit for the effort they put into this content.

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