Latest Latex Fetish Adventure, continued…(Part 3)

Part 3…

Now her mind was racing and the mix of emotions and cravings and lust became so overwhelming that tears were streaming down her face.  Wonderfully painful and joyous, lustful and fearful, this was more enjoyable than anything she experienced.  It was her “E” ticket ride for sure.  He placed a rubber horse bit in her mouth, strapped it down tight behind her neck and gently tugged on it to make sure it was in place.  A blindfold was placed around her eyes and now sensory deprivation began to play tricks on her mind, all of them wonderfully seductive and imaginative.  There was simply no way for her mind to slow down.  If there was every a synthetic narcotic high, this was it.

A slight trickle of perspiration rolled down her breasts into the shiny latex top she was wearing and it instantly cooled her but reminded her that she was still bound and the compression of the latex on her skin made her feel like a snake just before it shed.  The sound of extension cords and plugs seemed to materialize behind her but she couldn’t determine what may be happening.  Was there another person in the room now? A man, a woman? Her mind ran wild and all of a sudden she heard the crack of electricity against something metal and she wriggled, knowing exactly what it was and surprised that the initial sound of extension cords draping on the floor didn’t reveal this sadistic man’s intentions.  There were a whole host of devices that were in that little box and she used them often on submissives and her master.  It was a tortured feeling to feel the spark and jolt course through your body as your orgasm was beginning to explode and they both experimented with and pushed the limits of each others tolerance of this wicked instrument.

The glass instruments typically spread the feeling across a broader area but there were a couple devices that could inflict piercing, pinpoint accurate pain that would rapidly radiate through the body.  They nicknamed one of the attachments “Devil’s balls”, a string of 9 metal balls, about a half inch in diameter that had two settings.  Off.  And brutal.  The smell of electricity in the air stimulated her further,  And then it hit her and she screamed.  And his hand covered her mouth.

“Beg me.” he hissed in her ear.  “Beg me to stop”. She shook her head rapidly indicating that she would not give in.  Part of her wanted to but the other part knew that giving in would only inflict something different.  Plus, she trusted her Master to push boundaries and limits but always be cognizant of her safety.

And then it hit her again, with full force, those Devil’s balls.  That evil which made her wriggle harder wishing she could endure more, knowing she couldn’t and wanting to experience everything this man was bringing to the table.  Literally.   She felt his hands gently caress her body and once again, he asked her if she was okay and she wept but nodded her head.

“Oh please oh please, bring me to orgasm” she wanted to cry out but unable to because of the rubber bit in her mouth.  He delighted in alternating, but not in an even fashion, the torment and pleasure.  There was no telling which would come next.  Would it be electricity and then a whip,then his hands across her body.  A sip of water, the feel of a flogger and then restriction of air? There was no predictability in this which made it all the better.

More to follow…

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