A Comedic Look at the Responses We Get to Advertisements

Occasionally we’ll put up ads in publications and the responses are annoying, insulting, humorous, stupid, inane, intelligent and insightful.  Here are some from a recent ad, we’d love to hear what others think.

I am a petite, 5′ dominant woman who loves having her feet worshiped. If you have a foot fetish, my size 5.5 feet are just what you need. I love to get pedicures, have me feet bathed, massaged and worshiped. If you’d like to have a experience with me, let me know. I just adore foot worshipers!!

Sure baby I’ll take care of you feet I will rub them down with some lotion Columbus ass I love the river bye bye but you’ll have to decide and me not looking 32 year old white boy is athletic I just got out of the military so it all depends how far you let go I guess and what you look like and I send you a picture can I get one back


Yes I am real just come to 3215 XXXXX ave Landover MD 20785 and call 301XXX-XXXX when you’re here


Saw your ad. Let’s try to do doe thing.


Feet worship


I cannot get enough of this, it’s as though these people did not attend school all the way through 6th grade or are so mentally challenged that they simply cannot function alone.  Regardless, there are some who respond in such a manner that you want to reply back but so many are unintelligible that you simply don’t know where to start.

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