Entering the World of Fetish Video

I’d hardly say that this venture is easy. First, finding the right venue to distribute your video, finding a place to shoot, getting prepared and actually doing it is far more difficult than most would imagine. I’ll give enormous credit to porn actors and fetish film stars. They’ll never get the credit that Meryl Streep or Tom Cruise does but they work hard. Very hard. 

We shot out first series of videos several weeks ago and encountered challenges over lighting and filming angles and outfits and the temperature of the location. We were both in full latex and while that stuff may look sexy, it’s very hot and I don’t mean sexy hot, I mean physically hot. 

Overall, the enjoyment of creating fetish videos is immensely satisfying and quite arousing sexually.  How many jobs do you know where you can get paid to have fetish sex and do it legally?

What is truly enjoyable about this venture is creating and imagining the scenes that you will act out in front of the camera.  It does take creativity to make this work well and entice the viewer into purchasing your videos.

We’re now going to incorporate some others into the videos that we create.  Ultimately, what we’re finding is that the most satisfying and easiest to produce videos are the ones where we create a storyboard or scene and then let the action flow. 

We are also very interested in hearing what people want to see. Do you want foot fetish videos, latex fetish, leather, forced bi?  We are imagining that it’s a combination of everything.

Yes, this is a bit of shameless self promotion and we do want people to read this and go check out the videos that we’ve made.  But it’s also going to be a running commentary on the challenges and opportunities within the fetish video market that we experience on a daily basis.


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