Latest Latex Fetish Adventure, continued… (Part 2)

As she began to drink more water, the pressure became more uncomfortable but at the same time heightened her arousal to the point where she started to moan, unknowingly.

“What’s wrong, little girl”? her Master asked as she slowly ground her pussy on the bed, craving more of his touch and ultimately, his cock inside her.  She could hear the sound of his boots on the hardwood floor and detected that he was now circling her, like an animal surveying his prey before moving in for the kill.  On her right, now behind, now to the left and all of a sudden, the piercing sting of his small, single tail whip on her pussy and she immediately plunged into a massive orgasm that rocked her body and she could feel emanating from the soles of her feet.  Never had the excruciating pain mixed with the pleasure this way and she wondered if there would ever be a way to exceed this excitement. Inside, she was feeling some disappointment that she may never feel this again but a large part of her believed that her Master would find a way to exceed this moment.

And then the crack of the whip on her pussy and she squealed with pain and pleasure again.  She felt his latex gloved fingers enter her pussy, slightly curved and touching that small. spongy little spot inside her that was the gateway to her pleasure.  He knew where that was and could traverse the boundaries of pleasure and torture so easily that she wondered if some secret government entity had trained him in this.  Could you bring someone to the brink of confession merely by making them feel the conflicting emotions wrapped around pleasure and pain?  Would you make promises to enter depths of depravity knowing that what followed the pain would be so intense that this would be like selling your soul to the Devil?

As his fingers slowly massaged that wonderful spot inside, his other gloved hand slowly caressed her face, slid over her mouth and his thumb and forefinger closed off her nostrils, now cutting off her air and the mix of emotions and feelings now swirled around her like a cyclone.  What to beg for first? Air? She couldn’t communicate. Orgasm? She’d already came without permission and she knew he was taking mental notes and would make her pay for that.  Not knowing how many seconds she’d been without air, she knew she could go a minute or so without feeling panic and that hadn’t set it.  Yet.

He continued to massage her, applying pressure both inside her with his forefinger and outside with the palm of his hand.  Her latex clad body was now cooling down and the compression of her hands, face and body helped with the pressure of all the water she consumed.

And now she started feeling panic and moved her head to free her face from his hand but he wouldn’t relinquish.  She struggled and fought against him but couldn’t free herself.  Finally, he relinquished and she gasped for hair. His fingers slipped outside and now she felt the low hum and vibration of a pink toy that gave her some relief but also started building the orgasm again.  He placed it under her, loosened her feet and hands and simply said, “comply”. Oh, she would comply, gladly.  She craved him inside her so badly that she could hardly stand it.  She knew that his cock was sheathed in latex, cock rings, both metal and rubber, on his cock, enlarging it past the point of discomfort but to the level of craving it even more.  It was more than a symbol of power, it was everything that she wanted in a Master.  Strength, control, dominance.  All the things that made her love his very essence.  She wanted him to control her but almost as much, she wanted him to control others.  Watching him take another submissive while she lounged on the floor, looking up at him, was a favorite past time.  She had a foot slave who loved serving her Master and she loved knowing he controlled submissive men as well as women.

More to follow…

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