I’m sure that most people believe that being a professional dominatrix means flying under the radar but in essence, those of us that do this right do it as professionally as possible and declare everything in order to protect ourselves.  We realize the value of an S-corporation or limited liability corporation and know that these entities are there for our protection, both personal and professional.

We read this article the other day and it made us appreciate all those small business folks that struggle everyday to make things work.  I’m always amused at the folks that contact us wanting to play for free and they say, “oh, I didn’t realize you required a donation”.  We don’t require donations.  We require payment.  Look at us more as a retail establishment and not a charity.  Additionally, most people don’t realize that we don’t list ourselves as Dom/mes but “psychodramatists” which is accepted by the IRS.

Below is an article that we found and hope that you enjoy reading it.



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