Well, every once in a while, it’s fun to tell everyone what we did over a weekend and last weekend was one of the most fun we’ve had in ages.  Everything went wrong, the entire plan changed, we did more than we could have hoped and along the way built and furthered relationships we’ve recently started.  Hmmmmm…now, if all people were as flexible as us.

First, we had loads of play, foot fetish, strap on play, latex and just good ole plain vanilla sex.  How much more could we have possibly done? All the submissives we played with this weekend, starting Thursday night, were an absolute dream.

We’re also finding that adding others into our dynamic is far more challenging that we hope for but every once in a while, a chance meeting or encounter leads to something far more wonderful that you can imagine.  We finally came to the realization that the only way the dynamic with others can work is to concentrate on our well-being and happiness first. If others wish to come along for the ride, so be it, but it will be on our terms because the value of our relationship is far greater than those around us.  It’s the only way to be truly happy.

The foot fetish sessions were as diverse as the clients Mistress Ana and Mistress Stitch are but equally as enjoyable with no challenges or complications.  It’s so wonderful to have men at your feet, pampering you and merely happy at satisfying a very basic need all the while making you comfortable and relaxed.

The sessions on Friday were far more intense but equally as satisfying.  It’s wonderful when everyone involved can be friends and enjoy each others company once the session is complete.  The latex fetish session on Friday was as wild as they come and with a willing participant to video and perform for us, it couldn’t have been more fun.

As for our wonderful friends “Z” and Mistress Stitch.  They were as flexible and accommodating as they could be, rolled with the punches and were as delightful as they could have been.  We’ve known “Z” for a while and only met Mistress Stitch a little over a month ago but she proved to not only be a wonderfully engaging companion throughout the weekend but a wonderful understudy for her first few domination sessions.

Lastly, we went to the gallery opening for a fantastic artist, Kenny Karpov.  Not only has he done photography for us, but he’s wonderfully artistic and exceptionally brilliant (http://kennykarpov.tumblr.com/).  We were at a new bar in DC called Prequel which has a large room upstairs that allowed him to display his work with another unbelievable artist whose name we can’t recall but we’ll put up here when we get the information.

Photography by Kenny Karpov
Photography by Kenny Karpov
Photography by Kenny Karpov
Photography by Kenny Karpov
Photography by Kenny Karpov

Ultimately, it was wonderful to be in the company of intellectually stimulating, highly attractive and very relaxed people.  Such a departure from what we’ve encountered recently.

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