We’re on vacation in San Diego right now and had an interesting encounter and conversation with a friend that made us think about people’s perception of religious play, especially within the context of our latex fetish.

She made the comment that she didn’t want to see women dressed up as nuns at costume parties and Halloween events, not knowing that this is right up our alley.  We refrained from saying anything and merely politely agreed and changed the subject but it does bring up some interesting thoughts and questions.

Are we at the point in our society that religious play is only frowned upon by a few people or is it the pervading sentiment that this is a line not to be crossed? There is something truly arousing and highly sexual about incorporating a wicked nun, or a naughty Catholic sister into play.  It doesn’t mean that we disrespect others religious beliefs and traditions, but the extreme sexual nature of what we do means that we’re going to cross the line with somebody at some point.

And is there an absolute limit to that play? Is dressing in Arab or Islamic garb going way too far? Is it so sensitive that we cannot do that, for fear of inciting others into violent (albeit ridiculous) action?

Certainly there is imagery which crosses the line for us, especially based on the history of those groups.  But when it comes to religious play, should nothing be off limits, should a few things be off limits or everything?

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