Further Defining Our Roles as Fetishists

The words “erections” and “arousal” don’t normally start off reputable blogs and articles.  In our case, however, this will never be uncommon. 

We did a very successful video shoot last week and are committed to doing several shoots each week as well as live video streaming. There were aspects of that shoot that got us really charged up. 

Latex still is an integral part of our fetish lifestyle. And seeing every part of a body covered heightens the visual stimulation.  Seeing a hard cock wrapped in black latex or a long black strap on dangling can incite and inspire such arousal that the shoot takes on a personality we could have only imagined.  

There’s a sense of power and aggressiveness one feels when dressed a certain way or is sporting an enhancement of their sexuality.  To reach down between your legs and feel what looks to be a weapon gives immense pleasure.  

Hoods are also an alteration of personality that enhances a sexual experience beyond comprehension. A mere glance at your partner causes a surge in lustful sexual chemistry. 

Ultimately we discovered that dominance and submission is important. Fetish passion is what heightens the arousal. 

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