Upcoming Travels

Today we are headed to Virginia Beach for a working weekend along with a little bit of relaxation. Next week we are headed to San Diego for more of the same.
We leave for San Diego early Wednesday morning with a photo and video shoot planned for Thursday and Friday evenings at a couple of classic car shows. Last year we went to the Encinitas car show and for those of you who follow us on FetLife you’ve probably seen the pictures. This year our technical capabilities are much greater so we’re hoping for not only a broader range of latex fetish photos but ample video and even some live streaming. 

Speaking of streaming, our goal is to begin providing daily content, both “vanilla” or G/PG rated as well as adult. We’re going to publish times where people can watch us and get a full view of our daily lives. 

We do enjoy immensely using Periscope to broadcast when we’re out and about and our fetish lives are going to be broadcast on http://www.kinklive.com and on our website, http://blackwidowfetish.com/video.html?m

We also would like to know what you all wish to see so please email us at redsole@yahoo:com if there’s some aspect of our lives you’d like to see. 

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